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Talent Concept

“Talents are fundamental to success and growth”. Human resource is the primary resource as well as the decisive factor for enterprise development. The Company always takes talents as the strategic resources and core competitiveness of the Company, insists on people-oriented, and adheres to the employment concept of “respecting talents, cultivating talents and motivating talents” to recruit talents.
Respecting Talents: “Respecting knowledge and talents” has been the consistent talent concept of the Company. The Company respects every employee, creates a corporate culture atmosphere of equal communication without expecting things to be perfect, employs the right person for the right job, and gives full play to the strengths of each person.Cultivating Talents: The Company adheres to the combination of comprehensive training and targeted training, carries out multi-form comprehensive training covering all staff and classifying them in a hierarchical manner, and rotates them internally at appropriate times, so as to continuously explore the potentials of staff and improve their working ability and comprehensive quality.

Motivating Talents: The Company strives for humanized management, competitive salary and benefit system, all-round incentive and restraint mechanism and perfect incentive policy to stimulate enthusiasm of employees, maximize the activation of their potential and fully mobilize all their enthusiasm and creativity.

Talent Concept

Talent Policy

Virtue-based: Appointing people on the basis of merit, always insisting on both virtue and talent with preference on virtue;
Affection-based: Creating a favorable soft environment for hiring and retaining people, creating a positive working atmosphere, and respecting personality development; People-based: Emphasizing the matching of people with jobs, making the best use of people’s talents, giving the platform for everyone to display themselves and realize their value of life;


Job vacancy Recruiting numbers Educational requirements Work experience Operation
Sales executive 2 Junior college or above 1-3 years Click to see more
Location of work: Zhejiang | taizhou - jiaojiang Department: 2021 Age limitation for work: 1-3 years Educational background: Junior college or above Number of people to be recruited: 2
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