"Lekima" is surging and Wanbangde is on standby - we are in action to prevent Taiwan disaster relief
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"Lekima" is surging and Wanbangde is on standby - we are in action to prevent Taiwan disaster relief

At 1:45 a.m. on August 10, 2019, Typhoon No. 9 "Lichima" landed in Chengnan Town, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province at a strong typhoon level, and the wind near the center at the time of landfall reached 16 (52 m/s), which is the third strongest typhoon to land in Zhejiang Province in the past 70 years, and the strongest typhoon that landed in China this year.Wanbangde Due to proper defense, Group's Wenling headquarters and projects under construction in Wenling only experienced varying degrees of fallen trees, broken billboards, broken glass, individual workshop roofs lifted off, equipment damage, etc. A total of 150 people were transferred to ensure that there were zero casualties among all the employees at the headquarters in Wenling.

Attaching great importance and deploying in advance

In the afternoon of August 7, Wanbangde Group activated the emergency warning, and on August 8, the chairman of the board of directors, Mr. Zhao Shouming, arranged for the deployment of typhoon defense and emphasized that the three subsidiaries Wanbangde Pharmaceutical, Wanbangde bearing, and Wanbangde Medical Technology located in the headquarters of Wenling should attach great importance to the typhoon, keep a close eye on its dynamics, maintain a high degree of vigilance, and keep a strict eye on the typhoon. 

The three subsidiaries Wanbangde Pharmaceutical, Wanbangde bearing and Wanbangde Medical Technology should attach great importance to the typhoon, pay close attention to the dynamics of the typhoon, maintain a high degree of vigilance, wait for the typhoon, implement the responsibilities, and do a good job in preventing the typhoon to ensure the prevention of the typhoon in an orderly manner.       On the morning of the 8th, the typhoon emergency plan was formally launched, and the anti-typhoon emergency response team led by Ye Jianguo, deputy general manager of environmental protection, was set up under the working groups of logistics, workshop emergency response team, etc., to carry out unified deployment, coordination and advancement, and division of labor. Group headquarters up and down quickly into the emergency state, the subsidiaries and departments in their respective roles.

At 9:00 p.m. on the 8th, Mr. Hu Shiqin, the deputy general manager of Wanbangde Pharmaceutical, led the office, the safety and environment department and other departments to carry out a key inspection of the workshops, boiler rooms, laboratories, archives, power distribution rooms, Class A stores, employee apartments and other areas in the factory. Afterwards, Hu Shiqin asked all departments to act urgently to speed up the rectification of possible hidden dangers according to the requirements, and reinforce all doors, windows and green belts, clean and dredge the sewerage pipes, seal the gaps of the ceiling on each floor, cover the important equipments and archives with tarpaulins, prepare special sandbags for flood prevention, arrange personnel to be on duty 24 hours a day, and make preparations for the flood prevention and rescue work of the plant in advance. On the morning of 9th, Deputy General Manager of the Group

On the morning of the 9th, Chen Yan, deputy general manager of the group, Wanbangde Pharmaceutical environmental protection, deputy general manager Ye Jianguo and other leaders of the project under construction to carry out a check of the platform, requiring the construction site staff to accelerate the basket reinforcement, glass curtain wall gap with "board shield" sealing plate, R & D building roof debris cleanup and reinforcement, sandbags and other flood control work. and reinforcement, sandbags and other flood control materials in place, the duty officer in place, the rest of the construction workers are all evacuated, defense measures are further implemented.

In the afternoon of 9th, Wanbangde Pharmaceutical's Vice President of Administration, Mr. Hu Shiqin, issued an emergency order to stop the production of the factory, and the Department of Logistics and Security counted and verified the tenants of the employees' apartments, and did a good job in transferring the personnel. The staffs of all subsidiaries and departments were on standby to make full preparations for winning the defense and defense war against "Lichima".

All-out efforts, continuous combat

On the evening of the 9th, the wind and rain were raging, and the executives of all subsidiaries and department heads of the group headquarters were sitting on the front line, while the ordinary employees were involved, and all the backbone forces of the group were fully engaged in the intense anti-Taiwan rescue work. The company's WeChat group is constantly scrolling with information about the plant's anti-Taiwan efforts in all areas.

At 19:00 on the 9th, Xu Zaibin, an employee of Wanbangde Pharmaceutical's engineering department, was making preparations at home to resist the Taiwan, when he suddenly received the news that the roofs and canopies of individual workshops of the company were in urgent need of reinforcement treatment. Hearing the news, Xu Zaibin could not sit still for a moment and hurriedly instructed his family to rush to the company. However, at this time the wind and rain, Wenling city serious waterlogging, road flooding, private cars have been unable to pass, Xu Zaibin was trapped in the city before the creek road. After receiving the request for help, Hu Shiqin, deputy general manager of administration, immediately delivered the rescue task to the shuttle bus driver Leng Hengjun. A round trip of 20 kilometers Leng Hengjun used more than 1 hour. The dark road from time to time there are vehicles broke down, pouring rainstorms hit the windshield, the field of vision is a blur, Leng Hengjun ultimately do not dishonor the mission, in the wind and rain will be Xu Zaibin back to the company. Back to the company, Xu Zaibin did not stop for a moment, and immediately organized manpower to reinforce the point of hidden danger, laying a solid foundation for the company to win the battle against Taiwan.

At 0:12 on the 10th, the factory suddenly lost power, and the staff of the Logistics Support Department quickly took measures to generate power with the emergency generator.

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